Paris: Eats

Paris is famous for its food. World-renowned chefs and restaurants reside in this town and as a eager foodie (#CameraEatsFirst) I couldn’t wait to try the cuisine and the decadent classics that the French have to offer. And in short, I was not disappointed.

On my first night in Paris, we dined at a restaurant called Relais de l’Entrecôte Saint-Germain in the 6th arr. This restaurant is famous for its steak frites and all the waitress asks is how you prefer your steak cooked. We finished off our meal with a little red wine and by a little, I mean they gave us the whole bottle. But I don’t really like wine so I kind of just pretended to sip it because Paris calls for it (and it was legal so how could we pass it up). From this experience, I realized that the French place an emphasis on breaks and meals that we miss in America. So much time is poured into enjoying the experience and it really shows in the quality of the food.


The next day we had some croissants then started our day. For lunch, we stopped at a small bakery that we stumbled upon and it was easily my favorite thing I ate the entire trip. This tiny shop called Boulangerie Karine et Denis Ricquier at 28 Rue de Sablons had walls and display shelves full of delicious treats and savory bites. I decided on the Chicken Curry sandwich and had it heated up. I can still taste the lightness of the baguette as it infused with the curry to create a perfect combo and I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about that sandwich often.


Another dinner spot was at Lipp. One of the more upscale meals we had and very impressive. The bougie atmosphere made the dining even more fun and Parisian. It was November so they took our coats at the door and the experience was great from start to finish.

Right across from our apartment was the Luxembourg Garden and inside is Angelina, a small restaurant that serves the best hot chocolate and other treats. That particular morning breakfast consisted of madelines and hot chocolate in a small room that made me feel like a real life doll.


The remainder of our trip consisted of baguettes (even some with chocolate chips in them), croissants, a lot of crepes, salmon sandwiches from across the apartment- that my best friend swears are the best things to ever happen to her- and some other quick meals while moving between locations.


When it was time to depart, I wasn’t ready to leave, so I had to sneak some baguettes on my carry-on to bring home. Shhh…

With love,


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