London: Eats

Since our weekend trip to London was so last minute, we didn’t have time to make any reservations so we just went with the flow for meals- which is so against my foodie nature but I still loved the spontaneous experience of each new place.

Right when we got off the train, we had a quick breakfast at Popiandy’s, a small cafe in Uxbridge, where we ordered traditional English breakfasts. That night, we ate at a restaurant called Wagamama. I ordered delicious udon noodle stir fry from this Asian inspired British chain and it was a great, easy meal to start our night.

The next day, we indulged our inner One Direction fangirls and ate at Nando’s. It was so tasty and gives Chick-fil-A a run for its money.

But what would our trip to London be without some tea time? Although, we couldn’t land a reservation at any high end tea spot, we refused to leave the country without paying our respects to the English classic. We found a hip tea spot in Soho called YumChaa and spent the remainder of our night sipping tea and eating cakes pretending like we were members of parliament… or something like that.

With love,



London, we aren’t done with our meals. Be back soon!

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