That’s Where I Wanna Be…

Beverly Hills!

Specifically, The Beverly Hills Hotel. A place where the elite gather and flock in herds. I stayed the night at my friend’s family house in West Hollywood and we headed to Beverly Hills for Brunch. The iconic hotel makes its impression from the entrance. Covered in pink, white, and green, the classical feel of the hotel makes you feel like you have traveled back to a timeless Hollywood, which makes since because the hotel dates back to 1912.

Before we even ordered our food, one glance around the dining room gave proof to the fact that this is the place were everyone in L.A. wants to spend their Instagram worthy brunches. Without even checking out the menu, I realized I would be sharing my meal with one of supermodel Gigi Hadid’s besties, a failed Bachelor contestant, and David Spade.

When it came time to eat, I chose the Nutella stuffed French Toast. It was so delicious and right when I finished my last bite, I wanted more, and wondered to myself if it would be bad to order another round…

After our meal, we headed up to a lounge area above the pool and sat in the warm February sun (an L.A. bonus). When we finished pretending we were celebs, we headed for the car, tipped valet, and continued on with our ordinary lives.

With love,


The Beverly Hills Hotel Entrance
Eggs Benedict
G at Brunch.
Lounging. Overalls- Forever 21. Off the Shoulder top- Billabong. Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Happy on the way out.

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