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I am a big planner. Seriously, I get obsessed with details. Sometimes it becomes a little over the top but it calms me to have a solid plan.

Every now and then when my schedule gets really hectic, I will write out my entire day complete with time slots for every activity, even minute details like driving time, showering, and eating.

So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that I like to plan out my trips. Last year, I started making a blueprint for a post-graduation trip. I saved up money from working, holidays, birthdays, graduation, babysitting, and anything I could scrounge up. After hours of research, mapping, Airbnb emailing, flight checking, and texting, my perfect European plans fell through. I was bummed but kept my money in the bank.

A few weeks ago, my brother and I mentioned the idea of going to Europe together. I never thought it would come into fruition or that we would ever have the capability of actually planning it. But guess what? We did it!!

In September, I will be headed to Paris, Florence, and Barcelona. I am beyond excited for the two week adventure. A few of my friends will be in Europe studying abroad and I can’t wait to make memories with them on foreign soil. If anyone has tips for me this time, please don’t be shy and let me know!!

Planning trips, even if it isn’t my own, is own of my favorite pass times and a great way to get excited for an upcoming vacation. This is how I will be spending my days leading up to this trip!! As all my friends leave for school, I will be getting ready for my next adventure in this endless Summer (eh, we will talk in September when I’m at school- but for now lets stick with endless)!!

I can’t wait to share the cities, the eats, the fashion, and the film from these incredible places. Until then!

With love,


Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
Feels cause I will be back sooooonnn!!!
Happy, Happy, Happy on the Seine.

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