When people say “revenge is a dish best served cold” I really think they mean “coffee is a dish best served cold.”

The age old argument. Hot vs Ice.

But on a blazing hot day in Los Angeles, where your closest companions are the drips of sweat you can’t seem to shake, there really is no argument. The sweltering heat can only be beat by a nice, ice cold cup of joe.

My personal favorite coffee spot is tucked away on Melrose Place, around the corner from bustling Melrose ave. Alfred’s Coffee has multiple locations but this one is the coziest to me. With vines wrapping around the building and a downstairs den-like coffee counter, it’s easy to see why this little shop is an LA favorite.

When Los Angeles peaks at 100° on a sweltering, summer day, all your energy can be zapped from something as simple as walking from a restaurant to the car (you know how LA parking goes). So to stay cool and get back at the inconsiderate weather, you have to go for a dish best served cold.

With love,


Alfred’s Iced Mocha Latte. Bag- Free People.
Alfred’s on Melrose Place.
Inside Alfred’s.

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