Pack Your Bags!

Let’s face it- I am a chronic over packer. But this trip, I was determined to change that. (Spoiler alert: I only kind of succeeded).

To start, I wrote out a list of all the clothes I would bring and the outfits that each would create. This helped tremendously and I would highly recommend doing so to have a good idea of what you are actually bringing, instead of just throwing it all in and hoping it works. I also hung up each item on a rolling rack so I could visualize outfits and get a tangible idea of the amount I was bringing on the plane with me. What started out as a small list exponentially grew as I continued packing but by the end, I was able to cut down and fit everything for two weeks into my small suitcase and duffle, along with a backpack for my electronics and airplane necessities. Pro tip for fitting it all: put some denser items into a zip-lock bag, squeeze all the air out and voíla!

Another must that helped me and I am super excited about is my little package from a cute brand called Pinch Provisions. I bought the “Airplane Mode” and “Blister Sister” kits. Each prepackaged pouch comes with the emergency supplies you would need in a pinch. I am eager to try these out since I think they are the best idea ever. I know I am going to need them on this trip- plus they are so adorable!!

To pack, I used my Herschel Duffle and Backpack set found in this earlier post: and my Kenneth Cole suitcase. As for me, I am generally impressed by my packing skills for this trip. I’ll try to be even better next time.

With love,


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Clothing Rack tip.
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Packed Up.
Packed up.
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Pinch Provisions.
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Outfit Notes.

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  1. I love this! Have a fantastic trip! I wish I could have fit in your suitcase!!!

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