Barcelona on Film

Barcelona is a city where antique meets contemporary. Here are some moments on film.

Canon AF35ml. 35mm.

With love,


IMG_14530sharp0_0sharp0-R1-070-33A0sharp0_0sharp0-R1-074-35A0sharp0_0sharp0-R2-009-3 20sharp0_0sharp0-R2-003-00sharp0_0sharp0-R2-057-270sharp0_0sharp0-R2-039-18 20sharp0_0sharp0-R2-027-120sharp0_0sharp0-R2-055-260sharp0_0sharp0-R2-075-360sharp0_0sharp0-R2-023-100sharp0_0sharp0-R2-021-9 20sharp0_0sharp0-R2-063-300sharp0_0sharp0-R2-037-17 20sharp0_0sharp0-R2-019-80sharp0_0sharp0-R1-068-32A0sharp0_0sharp0-R2-069-330sharp0_0sharp0-R1-076-36A


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