Ending the year with our annual formal is the best final hurrah. I love an excuse to get dressed up and hang out with my friends. I mean just look at them— such stunners! As beautiful as they are, they are even more wonderful people and I feel so lucky to get to each one my friend. This was the last time we will all be together in January as we will be scattered around the world studying so I had to capture each of their faces. Feeling grateful for these cute friends of mine!

With love,



Dress: Reformation- Juliette Dress in Bouquet
Lulu has an incredible quiet strength about her. She is effortless, loves well, and is the epitome of grace. Her beauty is stunning and her heart is a gift!
Bridgett can have you crying from laughter or trying to hide tears while listening to her angelic singing  voice. She cares so deeply about each person and will treat you like family even if you just met.
Karly exudes beauty and feels like sunshine. Her giggly and silly personality meets strength and courage in a way I didn’t know could exist together.
Isabel is a force. She is intelligent beyond our time, invests in those around her, and has a supernatural resilience. She is a beautiful balance of wisdom and playfulness.
Kiersten is fiercely passionate and lives every second with a sense of awe and appreciation for the gift that life is. She seizes every opportunity with a spirit of spontaneity that is contagious and refreshing.
Lucky is one of a kind and a friend to all- no exaggeration, people are drawn to her. She is unapologetically herself and calls others into doing the same. She is hilarious, so kind, and the most lovable squish.
Manu is incredibly funny and unbelievably intelligent with a heart that seeks out the greatest. She is beyond selfless and is powerfully loyal. She is understanding, patient, and the best goober.
Julia brightens every room she enters. She is pee-your-pants kind of funny and adds joy to every day. She is fearless in pursuit of what she loves and I admire her ability to seek that out.
Jemma is the most vibrant personality in the smallest package. She has an innate sense for how anyone is feeling, cares so deeply each person, and has an incredible ability to create friendships.


I mean just look at them!

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