Cabo: Eats

Mexican food has a special place in my heart (not so much my body but that’s an entirely different story). But seriously, it’s my favorite kind of food so anytime I am in Mexico, I take full advantage of the cuisine.

The word that comes to mind when eating Mexican food in Cabo is authentic. You don’t have to look far to find delicious traditional food. One of my favorite meals I have ever had here was from a tiny shop that solely served tacos. I love indulging in fajitas, tacos, chips&guac, nachos, enchiladas and everything else while I am here.

One of my all time favorite restaurants is The Office. Located on the waterfront at Medano Beach, this colorful and vibrant restaurant is impossible to replicate. The whole beach patio is filled with bright blue umbrellas and there is cute decor everywhere you turn. The dining experience is completed with a live Mariachi band that performs from table to table, giving you a personal, private concert.

Another great restaurant is at The Hacienda. You can choose to eat at the main restaurant or on the beach patio- opt for the latter. Eating delicious food on the sand while the sun goes down can’t be topped. The sizzling fajitas, incredible empanadas, or the warm bowl of queso are always go to’s.

After the sun goes down and night ends and you make your way back to your hotel room, I highly suggest you end your night with some room service, you won’t regret it. And trust me, by the time you make it to your bed, you are going to truly believe that you neeeeeeed everything on the menu!!

With love,


Breakfast at Cabo Surf
The Patio at The Hacienda.
Breakfast at The Hacienda.
Wake Up Call at The Office.
Sunset from The Hacienda Restaurant.
Drinks of choice at The Hacienda.

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