Cabo: The City

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is easily one of my favorite places on this planet. As an American teenager with a whole lot of rules, its pretty exciting to go to a place where there are very few. But besides the taste of freedom, Cabo is home to beautiful beaches, nice people, and  delicious food.

I have visited this city during April for the last four years and have stayed in various hotels in and out of town. My personal favorite is The Hacienda, Beach Club and Residences.  It is located at the end of Medano Beach,  perfectly spaced away from the craziness at the center but close enough to take a quick stroll down to join it. This hotel has so much to offer: incredible service, delicious food, pre-stocked fridges, beautiful pools, and a seclusive, relaxing vibe. Another hotel I have stayed in is just a stone’s throw away. Casa Dorada also has great food and an awesome pool and is located right behind the beach’s main entertainment spot, The Mango Deck. If you are looking to stay out of town, Cabo Surf is a cozy, beachy hotel with great amenities. This is the hotel for you if you want complete relaxation. The private beach, cool pool, and quaint amount of rooms (only 36) is the perfect equation for a calm, beach vacay.

Back to Medano Beach, this place can get pretty crazy and extremely crowded at peak season, so taking a quick boat ride and splitting the cost with friends is always a fun idea for a quick getaway. During my senior spring break, my friends and I took a cruise around the Sea of Cortez while listening to some of our favorite songs, checking out the iconic Arch, and even jumping off some rocks. This was easily one if the highlights of my trip so if you have a chance to do this, do it!!

Cabo can get pretty tiring so we would usually take a siesta in the middle of the day and then wake up, ready to continue the fiesta! Once the sun set, we would head for the main town area. After just a ten minute walk or 3-4 minute cab ride from our hotels, we would spend the remainder of the night checking out various clubs and dancing the night away. All my friends were eighteen during our final spring break so it was fun for us to be able to legally walk into a club for the first time. The crowd favorite easily being El Squid Roe was where we spent most of our time. The table tops have one sole purpose there: dancing. And you were lucky if you didn’t wake up with a plethora of bruises from all the table hopping.

Just a two hour flight from my Southern California home is one of my all time favorite places. And I wouldn’t mind another quick getaway to international territory. But that will have to wait till MEX time!!

With love,


Sunset at Cabo Surf.
Room Hangs at Cabo Surf.
Boat Ride!
Ready for the night with Tru!
Private Villa Pool at Hacienda Beach Club and Residences.
Friends at El Squid Roe.
Poolside Hammocks at Casa Dorada.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
G and Me at Mango Deck
Private Beach at Cabo Surf.
Boat Ride on the Sea of Cortez.

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